Distant Healing / Remote Healing
with Reiki, Crystals, Colour & Sound

Distant Healing, also known as remote healing, long distance healing & absent healing has been practiced in the Far East for centuries. Distant Healing transcends boundaries of space and time – just as radiowaves travel through the atmosphere, energetic healing can help regardless of where you may be.

If you are unable to come into the clinic for any reason, or perhaps you desire specific energies to reach you at a definite time and day (e.g. if you are going into surgery or have a job interview etc) – then Distant Healing is perfect for you!

Simply email me your name and objective/s with a photo* of yourself attached, and I will conduct a Distant Healing using a selection of the most appropriate crystals for your personal needs combined with Reiki, colour, sound and pure intention.

Distant Crystal Healing

Distant Healing for Animals

Is your pet is in pain? Do they have behavioural issues? Are they suffering from separation anxiety when you are at work or on holiday? Our beloved furry (or feathery, scaly etc) companions can also benefit greatly from Distant Healing. Animals are extremely receptive to energy healing and respond wonderfully to Reiki and crystals. Because animals are naturally in tune with energies of our world, physical contact is not a necessity, and Distant Healing is an ideal alternative for animals who are shy, fearful or aggressive towards humans.

If you would like to help your pet with a specific issue, or simply spoil them with an energetic pampering session they will most certainly enjoy, then email me their name & a photo* including any objectives you may have.

Distant Crystal Healing for Animals

*Please ensure that only the subject (person or animal) of the distant healing is present in the photograph. If possible, it is preferable that their eyes are visible and looking directly at the camera.

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