Crystals for Healing (in Velvet Pouches)

Would you like to attract love? Happpiness? Good luck &/or abundance? Perhaps you would like to alleviate stress, increase self esteem, inspire creativity &/or aid physical detoxification. Healing Crystals have been used throughout history for a myriad of physical ailments, emotional and mental concerns and spiritual development.

Each velvet pouch contains a variety of carefully selected Healing Crystals lovingly cleansed, dedicated, charged and programmed for a specific purpose. These Healing Crystals can be placed on your body when you are meditating, slipped into your pillow case while you are sleeping, placed in an intuitive grid pattern on the desk in your office at work or home, or simply carried on your person – crystals have many uses which are only limited by your imagination.

Crystal Pouches

Personalised Pouches of Healing Crystals can also be made up upon request to suit your own individual requirements. Simply email Harmonic Healing detailing what you desire and you will receive a personalised Healing Crystals Pouch within a few weeks at most.

Standard pouches of Healing Crystals cost $17 each. For international orders, please email for shipping costs.

Healing crystals within each pouch may vary subject to availability
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Healing Crystals