Crystal Therapy - Crystal Healing

Do you have any short term goals regarding your mental, emotional, physical or spiritual well-being? A desire to increase self confidence, motivation, energy levels, or your health? Whatever needs or desires you may have, a personalised Crystal Healing session can help with your success.

A Crystal Healing session involves the placement of crystals on and/or around your person whilst you are seated or lying down. Your crystal healing session may also include Reiki, meditation or further energy healing modalities. Alternatively, a more specialised treatment such as an Advanced Crystal Healing or a Marcel Vogel Healing may be required. This will be determined during your consultation.

Simply choose three goals you would like to achieve (preferably related, otherwise the healing will be diluted), come to Harmonic Healing at the scheduled time, then lie back and relax as the healing energies of specially selected and programmed crystals work their magic (reinforced with Reiki).

Crystal Healing Melbourne
(03) 9943 2327
250 George Street
Fitzroy, Melbourne

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